Sunday, November 28, 2010

.satu keajaiban. =)

we grow up..we often to make decision in life and sometimes we question about it.


what to do when faced with 2 choices?

i read somewhere , it is very simple. just toss a coin.

it works not because it answer the question for you..but because while in the coin is in the air, you suddenly realize what you are hoping for..

i realize it might be true?

tapi ape-ape pun sebagai muslim..we need to seek help only from praying & making doa' always..may HE granted your wishes because only HE knows the best for you..

miracle doesn't happen by must ask it..but remember, only ALLAH the almighty can give it to you..

nak senyum selalu mcmni boleh? p/s : bkn spec sy tu ;p my twin :)

she wears the biggest u agree? =)

p/s: BUT please don't lose hope..because there will always be miracles for you..insyALLAH..

8 gigitan apple:

twinkle twinkle said...

lamenye akk x post entry

.Cik Nana. said...

haah.dik..saje..hehe.. :)

Sidratul Muntaha said...

Betul,lama dah nan tak post somthing.miss ur writing. :')

Anonymous said...

A'AH.. LAMenyerrr tak post apa2... busy sangat la tu. HAHA

Mr. Shah said...

senyum itu sedekah... :)

BENA said...

alahaiii . nana baru update ekk . busy ke skg nana ? heeee~

senyum selalu okeh nana ! =)

Neszh Nortz said...

nana bz...nana speaking englishla trus..hehe =p

Mizz Dayana said...

hai epal merah! kembali. :)