Friday, May 18, 2012

I Must Pass This Test From Him

May Allah bless us and we all are always in the pink of health. Ameen.

Warning : this post gonna be a bit emotional

Believe me. No one ever stays in your life for long.
Promises are sweet, but now I believe it's made to be broken. If you can't
hold on to one person long, what makes you think you can hold on to a promise?

I wonder, what is the use of the existence of the word sorry?
People can easily say sorry, but that won't heal anything, would it?
Nor it will change anything.

I don't see my heart getting sewed back whenever I hear a single sorry.
Let alone a million. Say it over and over again. It still won't change anything.

I guess that's why wise people keep telling us to "savour the moment".
It's because they know happy times with a person will eventually end.

How we can only blame life for working that way,seeing as there's nothing else
we can do about it?
If it involves two people,and the feeling is mutual,
then okay, you're lucky. But usually it's not.Because feelings fade
and people change.