Sunday, January 16, 2011

How to make a right decision?

1) Use your instinct and not 100% feeling. [you surely know what you are looking forward]
2) Remain strong if your decision make you hurts.
3) Ask opinions from many people as you can. [same gender is preferable]

>>although making the RIGHT decision is hard..but there are always some ways to deal with it as long you know to STICK with your decision and DO NOT mix it with your emotions. [be rational!]

now, please ask yourself " DO I Make a right decision today?"

for example :

it started from the small decision like whether to buy hi-5 bread or gardenia bread? [lower price and high quality would be the smartest choice]

big decision such as selecting a right spouse or partner because it is involve the life-time decision..

>> can i apply my 2 subjects that i have learned "decision science and decision making & control subject for this purpose?" hihi.. kene tampar baru tau. bwekk!!

always PRAY for the best whatever life throws in my way..

If you know how to respect other people, then you will know the limitation..i bet you know it right?
Please, Mind your own business..

p/s: harap2 dah buat keputusan yg betul selama ni walaupun kdg2 menyesal.fuhh..

2 gigitan apple:

Anonymous said...

(^^)... beristikharah.. semoga dpermudh segala urusan..(^^,)v

MuNsYi SaMa said...

Btul. Istikharah. minta petunjuk Allah. ke dh pilih nak terima ke tak pinangan org tu? *pandai2 je hee*