Wednesday, December 29, 2010

.saya hepy. awak?

p/s : my lil brother and me. :)

If nothing lasts forever.
Will you be my nothing?

If someone wants to be a part of your life, they'll make an effort to be in it, so don't bother reserving a space in your heart for who doesn't make any effort to stay.


>> sy sgt kepenatan harini. kelas 8.30 pagi membuatkan saya jd blurr yg sesangat.muka agak 'ketat'. hehe.
>> insyAllah will do the best for this sem. especially for all accounting subjects. i'm going to love it very much. i promise! ;) like peanut butter loves jelly beans. ;p
>> baru dapat berita lecturer subjek DMC(decision making&control), Prof.Maliah kena tahan kt wad. thus, bout several weeks no class. :( any replacement?may she get well soon..
>>sekarang ni cik nana suka lagu 'Perfect Two' by auburn. you should hear it. sgt comel okeyyy! hihi..
>>going to polish my 'skill'. i know i can do it better..[be confident!!]

last but not least,

i am happy (:

p/s : i'm eager for vacation.pls?

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Anonymous said...


.Cik Nana. said...


BENA said...

nana !!!!!! :) cantek la header nana . baru zra perasan . heee :)

cop cop . adk zra selalu jek lepak kat kafe econ die ckp . die xknl muke kak nana kite ni jekk . hehehehe

.Cik Nana. said...

zra : hehe. thanks! credit to teha..hikss..
ye ke?nana pon slalu lepak kt cafe econ gak..takpe2..nnt try caik gak :p

Cik Kyla said...

Happy juga. :)

semoga nana sentiasa dilindungi oleh-Nya.

Cik Mira said...

Dah lame tak pegi vacation :((

ezzaty said...

bile nk masukkn brg2??
meh nk tolong...hehe ^__^

.Cik Nana. said...

kyla : thanx a lot..harap kyla juge..smoga sihat stiap hari..

kak mira : me too.. :)

zaty : nnt nana rojer2 :p