Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gelagat gadis manisss..


selamat hari ahad kpd rakan2 semua! harap2 semua in the pink of health..jage kesihatan diri tau. =)

hmm..nothing much to write on here. cuma nak letak sedikit gmbr2 ;) he he. maaf ye..oh yea, have u ever heard a quote says ;

"a picture is worth a thousand words.."

therefore, it is no doubt that some people are into photography arts..

mcm kt tempat cik nana belajar skrg ni, or in particular, kitorang every semester kena ambil subjek kokorikulum ;

1st year : halaqah / usrah
2nd year : leadership/ parenting
3rd year : skills

jadi 3rd year boleh pilih nak ambil skills ape, contohnya cooking skills, photography skills, sewing skills, debate and many more. basically, belajar semua ni dalam masa 1 tahun..or in exact duration about 2 semester.. hope i enjoyy my skills learning for this semester!! ;)

learning something new is nice right? =)

carrot cake with topping cheese!! oh my!.. i like it so much!! de-li-ci-ouss ;p

gadis maniss boutique.. i like their bags! very nice..

"It's a LIE to say you have let go of the past, NOBODY let go of memories. Because really, there's no such thing as forgetting, only ACCEPTING.."

3 gigitan apple:

nyna said...

kek carrot tu mmg berjaya buat nina lapar.hehe

yup a picture is worth a thousand words

mr shah said...

ceria je...bagus2...hehehe

twinkle twinkle said...

uniknya kek tuuu ;D