Sunday, September 7, 2008

.sekuntum mawar.

Prophet Muhammad S.A.W and his friends were travelling to find a small tiny they went to find in the dessert.but cannot find.same goes when we try to figure out our sin ( but can't figure out ). Allah show it will be a lot ( pages and pages),which means WE FEEL WE ARE GOOD ENOUGH..(but we're not)
so,in the month of training , pls change our BAD HABIT by
a ) listing down all our bad habits
b) slash them by getting rid of our bad habits
result = will be a better person
its easy to say.but its really hard to do..source from my statistic lecturer ; mdm rahimah :)
.this coming week will be a really tough week for me! .
.since economics presentation will be on the friday.
.& the computer project discussion also in the same week.

p/s : AL-FATIHAH to arwah madihah bt uzir yg telah kembali ke rahmatullah pd 31 ogos 2008.
(student cfs iium).may Allah bless all her life....and may her soul be placed with all the solehin and mukmin...AMIN..

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